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Subscription web and product design to help you scale.
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Design, without the hassle

Working with a designer doesn’t need to be difficult.

Say goodbye to proposals, negotiations, contracts, invoices, and lengthy onboarding processes – with Meridian you can start your project on the same day you sign up.

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1. Subscribe

Signing up takes less than 5 minutes. Pause or cancel anytime.

2. Request

Make your first request on the same business day you subscribe.

3. Receive

Receive your first deliverable in as soon as 2 business days.

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The perfect blend of quailty, speed, and cost effectiveness.

Subscription design provides a cost-effective middle ground between in-house designers, agencies, and freelancers by delivering fast, affordable, high-quality designs.

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Lightning fast design delivery

Most tasks are delivered in 2-3 business days.

Over a decade of design expertise

You will always work with a senior-level designer.

Your design is 100% on brand

Trust that your designs will be true to your branding.

Less meetings, better design

There are no pointless meetings at Meridian.

Streamline your task workflow

One task at a time, unlimited requests and revisions.

No hidden fees or blown budgets

One monthly subscription. Pause or cancel any time.

"you've been foundational here"
Dominic, Marketing Manager at 3Together
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"thank you so much for the quick turnaround on this!"
Nataliya, Assistant Director of Sales & Operations at Bzippy
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"Thanks for your work on our project so far – extremely happy with the progress and results"
Dan, President and Co‑Founder at ScanForce
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Prebuilt task templates

Simplify requests and ensure fast deliverables.

Task templates are the easiest way to guarantee predictable turnaround times and the highest quality work with the fewest revisions.

Landing page design

A single landing page designed to align with your brand specifications.

~3 day turnaround time

Interior page design

A single informational page integrated with your current design.

~3 day turnaround time

Retail page design

A product listing or add-to-cart e-commerce page design.

~2 day turnaround time

Application page design

A page, section, or component designed for your application.

~3 day turnaround time

Project brainstorm

A request to break a project or large task down into smaller tasks.

~2 day turnaround time

Revision request

A revision of a pre-existing design or previously completed task.

~2 day turnaround time

Logo design

A logo design or redesign based on your company’s current branding.

~3 day turnaround time

Colors & typography

A set of colors and fonts that compliment your pre-existing brand.

~2 day turnaround time

Code request

A custom, responsive, block of code based on a design.

~3 day turnaround time

... And more

One monthly subscription

That’s it.

Pause or cancel anytime.

  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited pausing
  • Unlimited web design
  • Unlimited app design
  • Unlimited brand design
  • Webflow development*

*Requires you to own and operate your own Webflow workspace/account and invite Meridian. Also requires that you pay for your own website hosting.

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