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Ditch having to do everything yourself

You bring the vision, we'll bring the tools and knowledge to help make it a reality.

Partner with a dedicated expert

Collaborate with a web design and dev specialist for less than half the cost of one full-time employee.

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my project solution
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A delightful, proven process

From an initial design to a polished, published website, our process ensures projects remain on time, cost-effective, and high-quality.
Refine your workflow
Lightning fast request delivery

Most tasks are delivered in two business days.

Over a decade of web expertise

You will always work with an expert designer & developer.

Your design is 100% on brand

Trust that your designs will be true to your branding.

Enjoy optional, flexible meetings

We offer short, efficient meetings, only when required.

Streamline your task workflow

We deliver tasks on a fast, predictable schedule.

No hidden fees or blown budgets

No long-term commitments. Pause or cancel any time.

Our design partners
At Meridian, we offer a wide range of design services paired with comprehensive development solutions. We occasionally collaborate with reputable third parties like Deer Designer to ensure your designs are delivered on time, and on budget.
Meridian's depth of knowledge of user experience and consistency of design is unparalleled.
— Greg Monn, Founder at 3Together

A better way to develop

At Meridian, our designers are also our developers, guaranteeing consistency across the entire design and development process.
Start building
Progress reports every 72 hours

Development progress reported every three days.

Cutting-edge infrastructure

Best in class technology for speed and reliability.

Everything is 100% yours

Leave with your app at any point. No strings attached.

Future-proof technology

Your projects are always built with stable libraries.

Rock-solid security

Best in class technology for user authentication.

Perfect design implementation

Your designer is also your full-stack developer.

Our work integrates seamlessly with your brand

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We set a pace, not a due date

Meet project deadlines more predictably by keeping a consistent delivery schedule rather than setting arbitrary due dates.
Landing page design

Design a landing page to align with your brand specifications.

~48 hour design delivery

Interior page design

Design an informational page integrated with your current website.

~48 hour design delivery

Retail page design

Design a product listing or add-to-cart e-commerce page.

~48 hour design delivery

Application design

Design a dashboard, page, or component for your application.

~48 hour design delivery

Email design

Design a beautiful, responsive email for marketing or your application.

~48 hour design delivery

Print media

Design documents or graphics for print or display purposes.

~48 hour design delivery

Colors & typography

Design a set of colors and fonts that compliment your existing brand.

~48 hour design delivery

Logo design

Design a logo based on your company’s current brand guidelines.

~48 hour design delivery

Webflow development

Take your completed design and launch your website on Webflow.

~72 hour video progress report

Custom web application

Build a custom NextJS application for your business.

~72 hour video progress reports

Development upgrade

Custom e-commerce

Build unique store for your Swell commerce or Shopify business.

~72 hour video progress reports

Development upgrade

Something else...

Need something not listed here? Feel free to ask us!

"you've been foundational here"
Dominic, Marketing Manager at 3Together
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"thank you so much for the quick turnaround on this!"
Nataliya, Assistant Director of Sales & Operations at Bzippy
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"Thanks for your work on our project so far – extremely happy with the progress and results"
Dan, President and Co‑Founder at ScanForce
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Webflow development
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Dedicated developer
Unlimited scope-creep
Custom e-commerce websites
Average 72 hour video updates
Custom NextJS applications
Flexible hosting options

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