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About the client

SwellChat is a video conferencing web app built by 3Together, a company creating micro-SaaS applications for the finance and healthcare communities. “Micro-SaaS” applications, as 3Together defines them, are small, simple initial products that can be designed and built by just a few people in a few months. These products typically have a very specific target audience and solve problems that over-generalized, broad-market products cannot solve effectively.

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Project summary and goals

The goal of this project was to start by migrating the existing design for SwellChat into Figma from InVision files. Once accomplished, the files needed to be cleaned up, and reorganized into a reusable design system. Finally, new pages and components had to be created within the new design system.

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Our approach

While the previous design of the site was already off to a nice start, many of the components were disjointed and incomplete. In particular, the features page and pricing page needed to be overhauled completely and the home page needed to be reorganized to show better product images and a more diverse cast of users, to better capture the target audience.

We also created reusable components and design elements so that future pages have been much quicker to design and implement, saving the client time and money.

SwellChat project image
SwellChat project image
SwellChat project image

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