We Are Meridian

Meridian is the apex or zenith of something. It is the peak of design or the pinnacle of a person's life. It encompasses a global community or a circle of relationships. It suggests upward motion, travel, time, and relaxation.

The mission at Meridian is to design and develop excellent products that enable individuals and communities to spend more time pursuing their passions and cultivating the relationships that matter.

About us

Meridian Design, LLC is a design and development company located in the beautiful Greenville, SC. We work on a variety of projects in the web application and web marketing spaces, and we especially love to work on projects that use modern web technologies and design practices.

Our goal

As we grow, we hope to work with our clients to build technologies that focus on improving quality of life for everyone. We avoid work that purposefully utilizes dark patterns or addictive psychological practices to take advantage of and/or harm users. Our goal is to help make the web user-first rather than money-first by building thoughtful, user-friendly applications and technologies. We'd love it if you joined us in that endeavor!

Like what you see?

We would love to connect with you and see if Meridian is a good fit for your next project.